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Cobub Cloud uncensored analysis module released!

Cobub Cloud uncensored analysis module released!

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Recently, the large Internet platform Cobub Cloud was released uncensored analysis module, is designed to help enterprise real-time understanding of products and user dynamics, operations operating strategies in a timely manner.

Developer: insert code to work too much, taking up precious development timeuncensored analyses to help you! After the SDK is initialized, all event statistics tous.


Operations: from the add a data point to see the reporting cycle is too longuncensored analyses to help you! Server-side synchronization application interface, add data visualization and statistics, real-time data reporting, operations do not write code can also be buried, so easy!


Uncensored analysis systems and statistical systems compared, advantages in thefollowing 3 points:

  • Simplifies data collection workload for developers so that developers can focus on application development time, without additional work distracted.
  • Minimizes data cost uncensored add event statistics analysis system with immediate effect. Resolve to get key points data frequently updated applications may causeproblems.
  • Operations officers instantaneous data needs are met. Free Visual statistics point to add events. Real-time data without waiting for the report.

Uncensored analysis system at present is already online, please visit to view DEMO and trial!

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