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Improve concurrent performance of Cobub Razor

Improve concurrent performance of Cobub Razor

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We got some questions about “concurrency” performance of Cobub Razor. First of all, congratulations! Because you have already have a good number of your App users, when you meet this problem. :)

In general, if a system couldnt handle the concurrency issue well, some data will be dropped by the server. In the Mobile Analytics system like Cobub Razor, concurrency performance is decided by several facts as following:

  1. Bandwidth: you may check the bandwidth usage. Your IDC or cloud provider like Amazon may restrict on the bandwidth of your server. But anyway, you can get a report from them.
  2. Web Server Configuration: Nginx is recommended other than Apache. Also we found some user install Cobub Razor on Windows, we would like to say: keep away from Windows please.
  3. Handle time of a session of the code: normally, the shorter time the code spend on handling a http session, the better of concurrency performance. In the commercial version of Cobub Razor, we do a lot of work on this part.
  4. How you use the que server: we recommend strongly to use Redis as Que server to improve the efficiency of database connection.

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