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Cobub Razor

Cobub Razor is a open source mobile app analytic system, which you may deploy on your own server to collect user behavioural data of your mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone supported). 
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Cobub Toaster

Cobub Toaster is a stand-alone deployable push solution for mobile apps. Document  Q&A

Cobub Razor Comparison among Versions


Open Source


Bigdata (based upon Hadoop)

FunctionalitiesGeneral StatisticsSupportedSupportedSupported
Useage FrequencySupportedSupportedSupported
Usage DurationSupportedSupportedSupported
Time Interval AnalysisSupportedSupportedSupported
Page ViewSupportedSupportedSupported
Geographic AnalysisSupportedSupportedSupported
User retentionSupportedSupportedSupported
Terminals & NetworkSupportedSupportedSupported
Event & Conversion RatioSupportedSupportedSupported
Error ReportSupportedSupportedSupported
User identifierSupportedSupportedSupported
Tag InfoSupportedSupported
Real-Time ReportSupportedSupported
Open APISupportedSupportedSupported
User TerminalAndroid SDKSupportedSupportedSupported
iOS SDKSupportedSupportedSupported
Windows Phone SDKSupportedSupportedSupported
PerformanceConcurreny Supported40015003000
SessionMillionsTens of MillionsBillions
SupportTechnical SupportOpen Source CommunityEmail, Phone, One-Year Free UpdateEmail, Phone, One-Year Free Update
PriceFreeContact usContact us


For Mobile Developers

The purpose of this traning is to help moible developers learn how to integrate SDK in their apps and how to collect useful data according to marketing requirements. Curriculum:

  • 1. Introduction to Cobub Razor Tools
  • 2. Apps, Channels, Version
  • 3. User Statistics
  • 4. Terminal and Network Statistics
  • 5. Event and Conversion Ratio
6. Error Analysis (Bug of App)
7. Introduction to SDK(Andoird/iOS/WinPhone)
8. Cobub Razor Server-Side Configuration
  • 9. Open API Tutorial

For Product Manger / Marketing Staff

The purpose of this training is to provide product mangers the necessary knowledge to extract useful information from data analysis. By the end of this training, product managers will get deeper insights into their products regarding development design, user experience and marketing strategy.

  • 1. Introduction to Cobub Razor Tools
  • 2. App, Channel, Version Management
3. User Statistics Analysis
4. Device Analysis
5. Event and Conversion Ratio Analysis
6. Error Analysis
7. Case Study

/ Session

Training for Developers

  • 1 day
  • Research Engineer
  • ON Site
  • Up to 8 persons
  • Lodgement included
  • Only for China Mainland

/ Session

Comprehensive TraingHOT

  • 2 days
  • R&D&Product&Marketing
  • ON Site
  • Up to 8 persons
  • Lodgement included
  • Only for China Mainland

/ Session

Product Marketing Training

  • 1 day
  • Product&Marketing
  • ON Site
  • Up to 8 persons
  • Lodgement included
  • Only for China Mainland

Tailored R&D

We provide a tailored solution which fits your needs best. 
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Data Analysis Service

We are glad to help you understand your app more thoroughly and give you suggestions on how to improve your app and marketing strategies. Contact Us

Technical Support

We are providing technical support by means of:

  • Free technical support exclusively for users of  Commercial Edition
  • Free support on Github, mailinglist, and Q&A for users of Open-Source Edition

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