Cobub-Open Source Mobile Analytics, Web Analytics ,User behavior analysis- Cobub Solution
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Cobub Razor helps to understand the users better.
Cobub Razor is the Open Source Mobile Analytics Platform.

Know APP users better

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Using Cloud Cobub you do not need to build their own environment
Quick implement fine operation, focus more on your development of core business

Complete data operation faster

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Marketing APP users based the analytics result of Cobub Razor & Cobub Cloud
Integrate with Cobub Toaster to reach the users and improve loyalty.

Engage APP users

0 + Major Mobile Platforms

iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Hybrid App

0 lan Muliti-Languages Support

Chinese / English / German / Japanese

0 + Open Source Community

1000+ members

0 + Deployment

worldwide 6000+ deployments

Cobub APP Lifecycle Managment Solution

Design-Driven Development

User Experience Focused Development Iteration.
Commerical People, Designers, Developpers Are involved.

Continuous Delivery

Accelerate App Iteration by Agile Development.
Designer, Developpers and Testers Are involved.

Operation Based on Data

Acquire suggestions for improvement and optimization by validating assumptions by data.
Commerical People, Designers, Developpers Are involved.

Fast Iteration

Speed Up Iteration, Verify Customers’ needs, Lower Costs.

Private Deployment

Private Deployment to Secure Data.

Customized Support

Tailored Product and Support.

Lightweight SDK

Open Source

Channel Management

Identify Effective Channels, Control Costs

Funnel Analysis

Pay Attention to Custom Events

Crash Analysis

Provide the Stack Trace of Uncaught Errors, Improve User Experience

User Retention

Details of User Retetion

User Tag

Using User Tag Makes Segmentation Possible

Smart Reminders

Timely Alert

Push Service

Pluggable Push Solution, Reach Users More Effectively, Free of Spam

APP Comparison

Horizontal Comparison,Multi-Dimension Perspectives

Report on Mobile Device

Real-time Report on Mobile Device

Cobub APP Lifecycle Management

3 editions

Open Source / Commercial / BigData
According to Different Capacities

“Thanks to Cobub Razor, we acquired better understanding of our mobile users, based on the collected data, we greatly improve our targeted marketing, lower our costs and promote our services.” – Technology Department of CMBC

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