About US-Western Bridge Tech-Cobub Solution
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Professional technical team

——Careful, communication, execution, efficient

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——两条法则: 客户优先、 质量优先
——Customer priority, The quality of priority

Professional service concept



Western Bridge Tech is founded on June 29th 2007 with a registered capital of 15 million RMB. After 7 years’ efforts, it has become one influential firm in the national internet sector. We are committed to provide App analytic and push service to financial sector, mobile operators and E-commerce. Moreover, we always attach great importance to talents training and excellent team-building, up to date, Western Bridge possesses a dynamic, creative and professional R&D team of 150 engineers. All the core technical staff hold a Master degree or foreign diploma, the vast majority of the R&D team have worked in foreign enterprise.

Western Bridge considers customers and service quality its highest priority. We provide service according the customer’s requirements, and continuously track the needs of our customers. We are striving to high quality projects and the satisfaction of our customers.

We firmly believe that in the future, Western Bridge can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with its partners. Our motto is “meticulousness, communication, execution and efficiency”.