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Minsheng Bank:Mobile Operating Data Platform Project


China minsheng banking on January 12, 1996, was formally established in Beijing, is China’s first is mainly composed of non-public enterprises in national joint-stock commercial Banks.

Project background
With the advent of the era of mobile Internet big data, the Banks in the competition is fierce, the challenge of external is increasingly serious. Lead in order to keep the minsheng bank mobile products, in a comprehensive and detailed customer data collection, analysis, utilization segmentation on the basis of the customer, improve financial business will fit the needs of customers and products, minsheng bank to start the construction of mobile operation data platform. Through the collection and analysis of mobile terminal operating data, transaction data, user behavior data, etc., as the basis of optimizing product function and improve the user experience, and find more products and service innovation, the promotion of the competitiveness of the mobile financial products.
Requirements of the project
Mobile operating data platform will be used as a mobile application data acquisition platform based on the analysis of the service in the industry all mobile applications, such as mobile phone Banks, direct selling such as Banks, by embedding a simple mobile collection code, without interference with the business logic can be automatic data collection and report the user behavior information; Report the data stored in the mobile operating data platform, calculation and analysis, finally get all kinds of mobile analysis results and in the form of online applications is presented to the development of mobile products and business personnel, for its products and business analysis.
The solution
Hardware: Hadoop cluster 10, application server 3, Web server 3, database server 1.
Software: Razor Cobub big data edition plus two times the development of custom, the basic function of the program for the realization of mobile and mobile application management statistics and mobile application management.
Mobile data platform will be divided into three major modules and functions, performance testing.
Value burst
Big data help optimize the product innovation, and improve the user experience:
Around 2015, Minsheng mobile banking market demand continues to increase the intensity of mobile banking innovation, further optimize upgrade existing services, at the same time introduced fingerprint payment and cloud pay payment functions such as innovation, build more smooth and easy to use experience for our customers. As of November 30, customers over the total number of 18.5 million households, transaction number more than 3 billion deal, transaction amount approaching 6 trillion yuan, these data suggest that, more and more customers has formed use the Minsheng Bank mobile self-service banking business and meet the needs of life habits.

Minsheng Bank direct as the first direct bank, after more than a year of steady operation, the performance way ahead.As of December 2015, the financial assets of nearly 33 billion yuan, the number of customers over 2 million 700 thousand, the balance of financial products, wishful treasure, the total purchase amount of over 780 billion yuan, a total of more than 2 billion 200 million yuan of customer feedback gains.This year innovation introduced built-in pledge loan service of periodic product brand “Dinghuobao”, achieve the high yield and flow of get the best of both worlds, continue to achieve new breakthroughs in the Internet banking service.

Jiangsu Bank:Online customer behavior acquisition and analysis system


Project background
The mobile Internet era, the rapid development of Internet banking to traditional banking has brought tremendous pressure, banks must adopt new solutions and new business models to deal with. As the core of the Internet thinking of “big data” strategy has a profound impact on the traditional banking transformation and upgrading to achieve the goal. In the huge Chinese financial consumer market environment, the transformation program to “big data” strategy as the core, in-depth mining market opportunities, to become banks to improve their competitiveness, an important means to seize market opportunities.

The solution
Hardware: Hadoop cluster 7, application server 1, Web server 1, database server 1.
Software: Razor Cobub big data version
1.Basic statistical analysis
2.User analysis
User behavior analysis, you can allow developers or operators to better understand the user to use the details, to help look for product improvement breakthrough point, to assess the effectiveness of product optimization.
3.Terminal and network
4.Error analysis
5. Events and funnel
6. Tag annotation / HIVE query / Intelligent reminder

Value burst
Data driven product optimization and innovation
Bank of Jiangsu comprehensive upgrade of the Internet financial innovation brand, to customers as the center, to provide direct bank is convenient and safe, efficient and comprehensive financial services to online customers, will continue to research and develop special products line, has formed with “Kaixinying”, “Juyibao” and “Youlicai” three financial investment products supporting plate.
Analysis of user behavior data, more understanding of the user, so as to fine operation
“Youlicai” is carefully selected Jiangsu bank, plate as the direct bank customers exclusive customized financial products to meet customers personalized investment choice, allows customers to save time save worry, simple to achieve maximum benefit.
In addition to the investment banking side, direct bank Bank of Jiangsu around the “savings and loan exchange investment”, is making efforts to build a including various funds, insurance, precious metals, loans and other financial services platform.
The number of customers and the size of the asset is expected to grow, as of March 6, 2016, Bank of Jiangsu bank balance of assets exceeded 20 billion yuan, the number of customers over 2 million 200 thousand, firmly occupy the city’s first.

Xingye Bank:Electronic bank data analysis system


Project background
Big data is from a computer processing object evolved into a new era of oil data! With the rapid development of Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of things, the type and size of big data is hitherto unknown to the scale and speed of growth. Under the background of the era of big data, Societe Generale fully understand the application value of big data technology in the field of business.

Project requirements
With the help of the key technology and core advantage of big data, service in the electronic bank web client by data on user behavior analysis and insight, for the Industrial Bank of new product development and design, business process improve optimization, promotion of business model innovation, refinement operators to provide help.

Personalized customization

Application of data
Gets the path of the user to browse the page to analyze the user’s attention.
Use events to understand the user’s interest in related business.
Activity page data for depth analysis.
Optimize the layout of the page, a friendly operating experience, enhance the user experience.
Recommend users more interested in the product, rich value-added services, improve the level of business.

Jiangsu Telecom:Client statistics software


Project background
As a revolutionary information technology, big data technology is giving data life and more business value. The use of big data technology, the collection of data, as far as possible related data, as far as possible to save the data. Give full play to the value of big data, so that operators of existing business models more competitive; to explore new business models, so that other industries running more smoothly. Fully tap the value of enterprise data assets, create new profit point.

Project requirements
To achieve the replacement of the friends of the mobile client statistics system to provide the relevant features of the statistical system, and the program and database deployed in their own server, the collected statistics only in their own server storage!
To provide data analysis and operational support for a variety of applications, such as the China Telecom’s Tianyi user center, security center, 189 mailbox, Tianyi cloud, VGO, etc..
1.Data privatization
2.Support software automatic update, analysis of the client crash log, docking other system data.
3.The error message and the application of monitoring user behavior, user equipment characteristics, user clicks, user-defined events, the application of the automatic update.

Big data applications
Insight into customer needs, drive product optimization and innovation
Customer insight is based on user behavior data (such as position, browse, use, etc.), through a different algorithm (such as classification, clustering, tags, etc.) on the user analysis, access to customer behavior preference to find key customer transaction. For example, online life service sector, introducing Haobai convenience services, such as cinema pass. Expand the cooperation with different industry rich channel function, such as: fuel card, recharge Q coins.
In terms of precision marketing, the use of user behavior data analysis, to carry out precise recommendation; call on customers, the Internet long analysis, can carry out customer churn warning, accurate support customer retention.
For example, to distinguish between new users, active users and general users, loyal users and other types of erosion and combined with the specific scenarios for different scenarios of user personalized guidance and curing configurable template. Such as: new users, especially the novice packs loss of user feedback. Continued to carry out regular active promotion of marketing activities, through the integration of attendance, share awards, lottery consumption and other forms of enhance user stickiness.