Cobub Razor-Open source mobile applications statistical analysis platform-Cobub Solution
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Cobub Razor is an Open Source Mobile Analytics.
You can use it to setup your mobile App user behavior data system on your own server.

Cobub Razor


Channel Management

Identify Effective Channels, Control Costs

Funnel Analysis

Pay Attention to Custom Events

Crash Analysis

Provide the Stack Trace of Uncaught Errors, Improve User Experience


User Retention

Details of User Retetion

User Tag

Using User Tag Makes Segmentation Possible

Smart Reminders

Timely Alert


Push Service

Pluggable Push Solution, Reach Users More Effectively, Free of Spam

APP Comparison

Horizontal Comparison,Multi-Dimension Perspectives

Report on Mobile Device

Real-time Report on Mobile Device

Open Source



  • Suit Start-ups
  • 70-80 Thousand DAU
  • Fast Access Data
  • Completely Free
  • Open Source



  • Privatization deployment
  • User behavior data collection
  • Customer churn warning
  • Error analysis
  • Funnel analysis


Paid(based upon Hadoop)

  • Greater data support
  • Bind Tag information
  • Real time report
  • One year free upgrade
  • On site training service

Cobub Razor Comparison among Versions



Open Source


Bigdata (based upon Hadoop)

FunctionalitiesGeneral StatisticsSupportedSupportedSupported
Useage FrequencySupportedSupportedSupported
Usage DurationSupportedSupportedSupported
Time Interval AnalysisSupportedSupportedSupported
Page ViewSupportedSupportedSupported
Geographic AnalysisSupportedSupportedSupported
User retentionSupportedSupportedSupported
Terminals & NetworkSupportedSupportedSupported
Event & Conversion RatioSupportedSupportedSupported
Error ReportSupportedSupportedSupported
User identifierSupportedSupportedSupported
Tag InfoSupportedSupported
Real-Time ReportSupportedSupported
Open APISupportedSupportedSupported
User TerminalAndroid SDKSupportedSupportedSupported
iOS SDKSupportedSupportedSupported
Windows Phone SDKSupportedSupportedSupported
PerformanceConcurreny Supported40015003000
SessionMillionsTens of MillionsBillions
SupportTechnical SupportOpen Source CommunityEmail, Phone, One-Year Free UpdateEmail, Phone, One-Year Free Update