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Python USES Deep Neural Networks to Identify Siamese and British Short.

Python USES Deep Neural Networks to Identify Siamese and British Short.

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Let’s take a couple of pictures and see how the cat is Siam? Which cat is short?
First Siam

Is the Data Analysis Absent in Your Content Operation Strategy?

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What is content operation?

Content operation refers to a series of marketing activities related to content based on product content planning, content creation and editing, content optimization and publishing. For different channels, content operation has new media content operation (such as WeChat’s content operation), content platform operation (for example, the content operation of Jane’s book), etc. According to different business, content operation can be divided into promotion content operation, product content operation, user content operation, etc.

How to Improve the User Churn Rate ? Here are 10 Strategies.

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• What is user churn?
• Reducing user loss is a top priority for businesses.
• Ten strategies for reducing user churn.

Data Analysis: How to Optimize Advertising ROI?

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5000 Word Essence, Teaching You to Build the Internet Financial Activities Operating Knowledge System

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2017 China Internet Finance Annual Report points out that the overall level of Internet financial risk is declining, and the risk cases are initially contained.But the future is still very difficult to purify the Internet financial market, so the government regulation of the following countries will inevitably continue to increase, and the cost will be higher. On the other hand, the development environment of the industry has been gradually cleaned up with the improvement of the fittest of the industry.
We have also seen in 2017, a development of the Internet financial status: insurance development growth is slowing, stabilise financial management module, stock has dropped sharply in the whole accounts, the boom of equity financing, and consumer finance and pay two pieces of business development situation is very optimistic, so how to grab more market?
We see agencies that are doing everything in their power to produce all kinds of play. 2015 thus was born the first Internet financial services section, may say that this is the Internet finance double 11, most of the 11-member cartel, is also the largest, China feedback strength strongest online financial event.
Internet financial products cover many aspects: payment, loan, finance, credit card, insurance, etc. Today I mainly share with you about the operation of Internet wealth management products based on the life cycle, and I hope to give you some ideas of operation.

To Marketers: How Do You Not Rely on Analysts to Do Your Own Data Analysis?

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In this era of data driven operation, data is not only engineers and analysts, at work and operating requirements practitioners have certain ability of data analysis, more people say that “data analysis ability is the future operation of watershed”. From my point of view, I really think the data can promote the operation strategy and work.
But running children’s shoes is mostly data small white, without programming and technical foundation, how should we analyze and use good data? Today, starting from the common data problem, I hope that you can quickly get the data analysis to make the data better for the work service, and don’t waste the data’s value.

How to Make People Buy Buy Buy on December 12th?

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The two – eleven smoke has been passed, so many relatives are chopped hand, so the problem comes, 12-12 our commodity details page how can be designed to let the user’s shopping cart still overloaded?
The product details page is the most easily accessible and resonant page of the e-commerce APP. The quality of the product details page design has a direct relationship with the user purchase conversion rate.Therefore, the good design of the product details page can stimulate users’ desire to purchase, dispel misgivings and enhance the trust of users!
Let’s take a look at the electricity funnel model: pull new (new users), active (commodities list page, page for details) – buy transformation (order, payment, trade complete) – spread (evaluation, sharing).

The ABC of A/B Test

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Our previous “cohort analysis method is introduced by comparing different period of specific indicators for time window, and today” A/B testing “is introduced by different groups of users on the same time window for comparing different versions of the reaction.

Taking Tik Tok and Ease Cloud Music as An Example to Discover Different Requirements of the Three Stages of User Retention

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In general, the employee will leave the job within one month and leave the company for half a year. The reasons for the departure will be different for two years or more.
A month out, usually can’t adapt to the job or related to the work itself.
The situation of half a year, general and direct superior concerned.
More than 2 years left, basically belong to the recognition company, but the development is limited
In fact, the retention of the product is similar to that of the employee, and the reasons for the short-term retention, interim retention and long-term retention are very different.

You Still Don’t Know Cohort Analysis?

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A pretty average number is created with the data of virtual scene, will give our decision making misleading, so we need to acquire an effective method to analyze the real user behavior and user value, this method is a Cohort Analysis (Cohort Analysis).In fact, the data does not lie, but the analysis of the data is not accurate analysis and leads to the incorrect interpretation of the data.
At the same time, there are relatively few studies related to the group analysis in China. Perhaps not all operations know about the group analysis in the same period, but it is a necessary analysis method for every product operation.In the famous “lean data analysis”, the soul of test data analysis also mentions the relevant content of group analysis in the same period.
In the same period, group analysis was first used in the field of medical research to observe how the behavior of different subjects varied with time.By monitoring different groups of subjects, medical researchers can observe the effects of different prescriptions and treatments on the subjects and determine the Shared behavioral patterns.