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Cobub Cloud uncensored analysis module released!

Cobub Cloud uncensored analysis module released!

8 months ago 4 2169

Recently, the large Internet platform Cobub Cloud was released uncensored analysis module, is designed to help enterprise real-time understanding of products and user dynamics, operations operating strategies in a timely manner.


Cobub Razor version selection guide

9 months ago 3 2317

Cobub ™ Razor is a mobile Internet user behavior analysis of professional-grade products. Born out of Chinese people to control their own open source products, Cobub Razor since its birth in 2012 has been in service for more than 6,000 companies worldwide customer support in Chinese, Japanese, English, German and other languages, supports all major operating systems, today Cobub ™ have developed multiple versions in many versions, is there any difference between them? Which version is more suitable for their own use? This is the new Cobub ™ by the many users of tangle. In view of this small series was finishing, bring you details of your Cobub Razor version options Guide. I hope to better Cobub ™ Razor-related products and services help.


Cobub Razor v0.8.0 release

10 months ago 4 2244

Cobub Razor open source edition upgrade today! In the new version 0.8, SDK andupgraded to accommodate new ways of data reporting, come and see the new version of the feature.


Easy to get the user portrait, Cobub Cloud officially released

1 year ago 3 4101

Today we are very honored to publish the Cobub Cloud. Cobub Cloud is the original open source mobile analysis system Cobub Razor cloud service version of the system, will be free to provide services to mobile developers.


How to carry out the data operation?

1 year ago 8 2765

Many people may feel that the use of statistical tools to monitor their own user behavior data, and thus the fine operation is a very complex thing. It is easier to operate than to imagine. You only need to put the data to the same place, and then follow the steps to do, you can achieve data operation.


How to use good news to push this double-edged sword?

1 year ago 6 1974

As the product of operators, we all know that the ultimate goal is to establish a long-term operation of the value of the relationship between users and to. The perfect user interface, powerful function and clear value proposition, is a powerful guarantee for access to user. But this does not mean that users in need can use the functions they need to, does not mean that the user will often use your application rather than you actually products. At this time, we need to we have according to the means of market operations.


How to use the data to enhance the user experience, improve the conversion rate?

1 year ago 4 2565

We usually focus on how many people downloaded the app after registered, this is registration conversion rate, in proportion to the number of registered users to become a VIP member; many people, in view of the app of a product, click the purchase button. There and in proportion to the number of users finally successfully purchased, there there are on application and business critical conversion rate.


How to use the data to capture your target user?

1 year ago 5 1606

App Marketing people are usually more concerned about a problem: what kind of method to re access the lost users? Today we talk about what the key to the guiding strategy, how to correctly use the data to seize your target user?


Cobub Razor v0.7.2 release

1 year ago 12 0 2620

New version finally arrived though came late . Sorry for waiting a long time, my friends!

This new release version makes a little upgrade to enhance the stability of the product, and we focus on solving frequently appeared problems.