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Installation Docs

Documentation of Cobub products includes the installation, configuration, user manual, deployment and development guide.

Q&A Forum

The Cobub team and ethusiatic members are willing to reply any questions about Cobub products.


Get start with Cobub products.


The open source code of Cobub products is available on Github where you can post issues or pull requests.

Self Help

As a good Open Soure citizen,when meeting problem,please read the Documentation and try to solve problems by yourself.If you have specific questions, check the FAQ to see if
it may already have been answered. If you still not solve the problem,you can goto Q&A submit a question for help.

Community Help

Both the the user Github Issues and Mailing List are places were community members hang
out and help one another.We welcome everyone to come participate, though we do ask
that you be courteous and respectful. Keep in mind that any help and response you get
here is coming from other community members just like yourself who are volunteering
their time and effort to try to help you.

  • Try resolving the problem yourself. As mentioned above, this is just
    considered part of being a good citizen of the Open Source community
  • If you are experiencing unexpected behaviour, isolate the problem yourself. Asking community members to to sift though hundreds of mapping files is not going to make you a popular member 🙂
  • Be detailed. In Github Issues, be sure to you a pastebin facility rather
    than just pasting huge text. In the Mailing List, be sure to use the text formatting
    facilities.Using English as the default language!

Business Consulting

Please contact us by the following way:

  • TEL: 025-85284900
  • MAIL: support AT


Please pay attention to our WeChat public number, not on a regular push on the Cobub and data analysis related content.


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