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Data Analysis: How to Optimize Advertising ROI?

Data Analysis: How to Optimize Advertising ROI?

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For most advertisers, the purpose of advertising is to attract more users, improve the ROI, and finally realize the marketing transformation. But they also pay more attention to the information, such as:
Is the advertisement on time?
Is the media/advertising company committed to achieving this?
Is the data produced by the media/advertising company real?
Did the media cheat?
Whether the investment in advertising is proportional to the output… And so on.
Why should advertisers care? Here is an example of the cost of the laptop in ZOL:

From above, it is not difficult to see, for advertisers advertising expenses are a lot of spending, each advertising need to invest a lot of money, who all want to each cost spent. To understand the above questions, you should know the meaning of the various data indicators in the advertisement, so as not to be deceived by the false information.

The mystery behind the advertising figures.

There are a lot of indicators of advertising effectiveness. Each monitoring index reflects different data effects, such as the rate of jump and arrival rate, and whether the response advertising effect has reached the media’s promise. The amount of exposure, the amount of clicks reflected CPC and CPM are not enough, and the regional distribution of advertising audiences is not correct.

And the dimensions of the dimensions that are released are different. For example, the purpose of promoting brand is to focus on the number of clicks, the number of clicks, the number of clicks, and the number of users to reach the number of users; Focus on the arrival quantity, the number of users, the number of two jumps and the total number of views. To guide the user to participate in the activity to focus on the conversion and conversion of users; To promote sales for the purpose of focusing on conversion details.

Compared with the media data, advertisers pay more attention to the advertising effect.

The data indicators reflect the results of the release, but in the actual operation, in the face of various advertisements, which location, which media is the best? How to measure advertising effectiveness? Which ads are effective? What media combinations are really effective… .. ? This series of problems is also the focus of advertisers.
So how to solve these problems in advertising and achieve accurate delivery? This needs to optimize advertisement release, the problem that appears in advertisement release is solved in time.

I. Understand the basic methods of evaluating advertising effectiveness.

Advertising effectiveness evaluation generally around hits (exposure), reach the quantity, second jump, into four indicators to assess the amount of, each indicator to measure the advertising data of different stages, through these data to help us analysis of the problems existing in advertising. So we use a funnel to show you:

One of the things we want to focus on is that the amount of click here is more important than the amount of exposure. Because measuring the effect of advertising is to measure “the target audience of contact advertising”, it is not accurate to use the exposure code. This is because:
1. The number of exposure codes is not equal to the amount of advertising exposure (the actual number of advertisements displayed)
2. The amount of advertising exposure is not equal to the number of people who see the advertisement (the Internet advertising form varies widely, the same exposure amount of advertisements, the number of people who really notice/see may be huge)
3. The person who sees the advertisement is not the target audience of the brand.
There are three levels of difference, so it is not accurate to use exposure to measure the “target audience”. Click the quantity to reflect the real effect, the exposure amount for reference.

II.Understanding transformation.

Advertising is inseparable from the media resources. Through the website, we need to know this information:
Which areas bring more registered users, which search engines bring more orders, which advertising channel has the highest conversion rate, which landing page brings the highest conversion rate and so on.

By mastering these transformation information, we can help us analyze and transform the situation, such as:
• The transformation of the external source website can directly reflect the quality of the website’s netizens, while combining the external source traffic to reflect the conversion rate effect of each source.
• The transformation details can be used to analyze the effect of each specific transformation, as an evaluation basis for the CPS effect.

III.Understand traffic.

The most important thing is to have traffic. Where does the traffic come from? Which channels bring more users, and which areas bring more… .. Through the analysis of traffic source, help us to optimize the adjustment of advertising channels and advertising programs. Such as:
1. According to the external inbound traffic inflow and the second jump rate ranking, brush selected high-quality sources, and eliminate the bad sources.
2. According to the traffic curve of the website, learn the habits of Internet users and choose the best advertising content.
3. According to the changes in the traffic period of the website, find the laws and abnormal points of the flow, and then find out the deep causes, find the problems in time, and adjust the delivery.

IV. Distinguish the quality of traffic.

In the process of advertising, often meet the false traffic, the phenomenon such as malicious click, so the quality of the evaluation flow has four elements: malicious click, false and landing page content access flow, good flow user activity. At the same time, false and low quality flow has the following characteristics:
• The flow data of 24 hours is very uniform, without obvious characteristics.
• The flow chart in the sky is high and low, and the fluctuation is very intense.
• Click, arrival, and jump rates are very similar across the country.
• The landing page is rarely clicked and almost nothing gets noticed.
• The visitor’s browsing depth is close to 1.
In a word, good advertising optimize ultimate purpose is to improve advertising ROI, actually in the final analysis in a word, spent it is to make every cent advertising work, so how to make every advertising works, is make every AD measurable, let each AD last effect can be precise Numbers to show, so that accuracy is higher, just also can maximize advertising value.