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Taking Tik Tok and Ease Cloud Music as An Example to Discover Different Requirements of the Three Stages of User Retention

Taking Tik Tok and Ease Cloud Music as An Example to Discover Different Requirements of the Three Stages of User Retention

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In general, the employee will leave the job within one month and leave the company for half a year. The reasons for the departure will be different for two years or more.
A month out, usually can’t adapt to the job or related to the work itself.
The situation of half a year, general and direct superior concerned.
More than 2 years left, basically belong to the recognition company, but the development is limited
In fact, the retention of the product is similar to that of the employee, and the reasons for the short-term retention, interim retention and long-term retention are very different.


In the short term, we can understand the retention after the user has a preliminary understanding of the product, which means that after the product has been downloaded, it is not deleted immediately or deleted in the next two days.
New users in the app will enter directly after the download is complete understanding of the product stage, this stage, the product main function interface, if the product itself nothing particularly conspicuous window (which can be understood as liao point), or hooked users at once, the possibility of losing customers is very big, after all, most users only early adopters, loss of this kind of problem, the general intelligence (algorithm), or select the content of the type of recommended products have an advantage, information of the class, the short video, the mall or in a class, live class, can use the height of the hot spot content recommended the use of the hook for most users.
I recently in an attempt to understand Tik Tok, for example, he has a big advantage determines the app short-term retention rates are higher than other similar short video, for three reasons, first: Tik Tok itself attribute and user product positioning determines his music video is more characteristic;Second: the high quality of video is determined by the shooting threshold, high standard and the advantage of video processing.Thirdly, the selection mechanism of the home page makes the selection threshold of the user lower, so we can open the APP to play the short video, and the quality is quite high from the view of my days.(I haven’t found the content of the recommendation algorithm on the front page, but in terms of content quality, there should be a large manual intervention mechanism).

Tik Tok the three characteristic determines the user after open the app, can quickly immersed in a short video in high quality, also is the hook users can quickly, that I feel is better than well quickly, quickly in a short video on the choice of, is a very easy thing to do.You recall a boring afternoon when you wanted to see a good movie to see the tangle and ridicule of the movie process.
For content products with distinctive features such as no shaking, they can start from another Angle.According to the 2016 mobile information industry subdivision report released by the headline, today’s headline entertainment interest accounts for 68.29% of the total platform, accounting for the first place.The second most important social information was 67.29 percent, and the third was the funny category, accounting for 46.56 percent.That is to say, it is only a collection of these three points, so the retention rate in the short term will be extremely high for early adopters.
Of course to a content type products, generally USES a strong visual and interactive forms, that is to say, adopt the user can see understand product focus, the use of the product characteristics, let users can easily to fit in is the rapid formation of the product is not low quality, the product function looks quite good first impressions.
It also helps to understand why a good newbie guide is very important for many new products, which is a quick way for users to quickly learn about the product.Novice guidance may include not only the use of products but also the core highlights of the product (including ideas such as craftsmanship, high quality, etc.).


For the medium term, more appropriate content and more comfortable functional use become more important.Any one thing, we can from jing period (or early adopters) gradually transition to the peaceful period, when we are accustomed to most of the product function, the function of the product do more delicate, more convenient, for instance, learn more about the current user, recommendation algorithm is more accurate;For example, it’s easier to operate, and to change the original three-step clicks into one step, much like we use a computer for a long time, many functions we tend to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse.For example, provide a more personalized visual solution, app for design style, which means that this is a good step from the product to the use.
Netease cloud music song reviews module, this in itself is not a very need to function, but as a function of the icing on the cake effect is very good, a lot of top comments directly led to the user’s mood, strengthen the appeal of the song itself.

Further forward, providing more interesting content even if it is associated with a weak core function.Netease cloud music “friends” module, I found that I was unconscious spent a lot of time in the above, there is a short interesting video, wacky GIF animation, good music, but also some small celebrity gossip, itself is the module with music there is not a direct relationship, but he from listening to music and the stars, in the form of a circle of friends (of course his recommendation mechanism not the circle of friends, but with a smart and hot recommended among them, the mechanism of cloud music, after all, friends are mostly weak relationship, and slightly different WeChat), as a cloud music modules, this I think is kept as middle can be for reference.


Say again for a long time, also is the senior user’s problems, when users accustomed to the content of the product and function, but there will be a “itch” stage, micro letter do again good, with one or two years later, you might think so, however, much more humorous jokes to see, you can often guess some routines, humor also becomes boring.Papi sauce do you still see it, in the words of a lot of net friend, those routines, besides the trill, he now has such problem, trill embarks from the short music video, that is to say a lot of video will in fixed rhythm of the music and the content, it’s decided to many of his video filming and editing routines are the same, I used a lot of depth around users said video repeat rate is too high, often can see a similar form, the novelty is gradually diminishing.
At this stage, generally three Zhang Daqi products offering, the first name is social, the second call user growth system, the third is called continuous operation stimulus (including form varied topics, hot spots, community).
Social good understanding, the reason we don’t give up WeChat, because it has a lot of our social relations, our concern is not WeChat, but the people on the WeChat, just there is no one product can do WeChat such strong relationship chain characteristics.
Live on yy, devoted to the stranger, a short video class well quickly, trill, diminishing in the freshness of the products, can not afford to build micro letter this strong relationship, weak but is still has a strong relationship between mining.
Live streaming or video, as a way of being lonely and boring, we can see some interesting strangers on the screen, and since it’s human, then nature has personality.
Then the be fond of of weak relationship can dig from the content into a personality like, this can be understood as a form similar to that of the AKB48, the difference is that maybe I was like your best work, later to become fans after I like you as a person’s personality and fun, then work is only part of your personality, in the later, you focus on the anchor may not need the content of the very bright eye, you will be more like, even thought he is true.
This is part of the deep mining of the social weakness of content products.
The growth system, in short, is “a few years after the work honors and some privileges and benefits”, which is not done in detail and expands very much.
Continuous operation stimulus, usually divided into two kinds of circumstances, information, media products tend to produce operation of controversial topics, subject content can often surprise, after all is not, subject to choose the good, may point continuously the following reply.
Mall products tend to make holiday, a double tenth, 618, belong to this category, of course, the continuing operations manufacturing festival belongs to the regularity of, also have a regularity, such as drops, worship for no reason to send coupons, give preferential.


Summary, although I said is short medium and long term retained, but the spring is not a specific time short, different users at different levels of products use, reflect individual users of short time might not have the same of the medium and long term process.That’s one thing.
2 it is, I said these products function must points successively, not likely parallel development at the same time, some retained function is, after all, three stages are applicable, just to say which stage the best results, the lower the yield, do the most efficient.
As a recent graduate of the college students, you tell him to high quality business top fortune 500 companies, dry, for him, there is no use, it is better to teach him how to improve the success rate of the interview is really.The same is true for retained solution policy usage.
So that’s a little bit of a little thought for retention, hopefully useful.

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