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Activiti analyses

Activiti analyses

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The Activiti framework is one of the workflow frameworks that have developed rapidly in recent years with its open source features.Another workflow framework, JBPM5, is currently a very popular workflow framework.While these two frameworks are two different companies, the two frameworks have a lot to do with it.Tom Baeyens, the director of the Activiti workflow framework, has previously worked for jBoss, currently the publisher of JBPM5, as the chief architect of the previous JBPM4 workflow engine.But it was speculated that Tom Baeyens left jBoss to work for Alfresco because of internal contradictions within jBoss and a serious disagreement over the future version of the workflow engine.However, for months, Tom Baeyens has launched Activiti, an open-source workflow system based on the JBPM4 workflow engine.

(中文) RPC框架技术初窥

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RPC(Remote Procedure Call Protocol)——远程过程调用协议,它是一种通过网络从远程计算机程序上请求服务,而不需要了解底层网络技术的协议。

(中文) 深入解析jquery实现原理第一章

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JQuery is a very good JavaScript library, which greatly enhances the development experience of the front end js, so I recently looked at the source code of JQuery and wanted to share some of my understanding with you.

How to Improve APP Retention Rate?

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The sole purpose of business is to create and retain customers

Our APP marketers are always better at getting more and more people to use our products and become our users. But how do you keep them when you have them? It may not be hard for a new app to attract hundreds of millions of users. But it’s never easy to keep these users and increase the number of users to 100 million.
Although users retention needs us to spend a long time to complete the work, we can still take some measures to improve it in the short term and can improve user activity, such as some marketing activities or according to the user’s usage of history to their push precise related news. This is a good way to interact with the users to let them participate, users can be obtained from these activities and news to get more valuable things. Therefore, the app retention rate will be increased.

ORA 4031 error depth parsing

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To fully understand the cause of the 4301 error is to understand the execution of the SQL statement and the structure of the Oracle Shared memory.

The communication process diagram between the client and Oracle