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You Still Don’t Know Cohort Analysis?

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A pretty average number is created with the data of virtual scene, will give our decision making misleading, so we need to acquire an effective method to analyze the real user behavior and user value, this method is a Cohort Analysis (Cohort Analysis).In fact, the data does not lie, but the analysis of the data is not accurate analysis and leads to the incorrect interpretation of the data.
At the same time, there are relatively few studies related to the group analysis in China. Perhaps not all operations know about the group analysis in the same period, but it is a necessary analysis method for every product operation.In the famous “lean data analysis”, the soul of test data analysis also mentions the relevant content of group analysis in the same period.
In the same period, group analysis was first used in the field of medical research to observe how the behavior of different subjects varied with time.By monitoring different groups of subjects, medical researchers can observe the effects of different prescriptions and treatments on the subjects and determine the Shared behavioral patterns.