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4 Effective Strategies to Improve the Engagement of APP Users

4 Effective Strategies to Improve the Engagement of APP Users

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The definition of user engagement varies from product to product

For example, for a bookkeeping app, an effective user should be logged in every day to add his new income or spending. For an operator’s app, an effective user may be logging in once a month, charging a fee, or ordering additional traffic packets. Therefore, user engagement has no uniform quantifiable definition standard, but it is possible to form the standard of vertical industry. For Banks, for example, start times the average of 1.7 times the user is a reasonable value (the value come from Cobub’s long-term observations, Cobub is a domestic open source mobile application of statistical analysis tools).
Engagement is not like page views (PV), visitors (UV), users pay or conversion rate these indicators as easy to measure, not a data statistical analysis tools to directly reflect product user engagement. However, ignoring user engagement is very dangerous.

The Construction and Deployment of ELK Real Time Log Analysis Platform

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1. The Initial Contact with ELK

1.1 Why ELK?

Logs mainly include system logs, application logs and security logs. The system operation and development personnel can log to understand the hardware and software information of the server, check the errors in the configuration process and the causes of the errors. The log can understand the server’s load, performance security, and take timely corrective actions to correct errors. In general, logs are stored separately on different devices. If you manage dozens or hundreds of servers, you’re still using the traditional method of logging each machine in turn. It feels cumbersome and inefficient. It is imperative that we use centralized logging management, such as open source syslog, to collect and summarize log collection on all servers. Centralized management after logging, log statistics and retrieval has become a more troublesome thing, normally we use grep, awk and wc Linux commands can realize retrieval and statistics, but to demand a higher query, sorting and statistics requirements and the huge machine quantity still use this way to avoid a bit overwhelmed.

Selection and Use of the Hadoop Yarn Scheduler

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1. the introduction

Yarn has the role of resource management and task scheduling in the Hadoop ecosystem. A simple understanding of the architecture of the Yarn is given before discussing its constructors.

The banking industry predicts and prevents the churn of users by big data

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“50% of users worldwide have been replaced or are preparing to replace the banks they use, and in the US and Canada, the percentage of consumers changing their banks is on the rise.”  ——Global Consumer Banking Survey 2012, Ernst & Young.

The Perfect Couple: Data Analytics and Marketing

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There has never been a better time to be in the field of marketing. Today’s marketing professionals have a lot of tools at their fingertips to create more compelling, effective campaigns and strategies. One such tool is data analytics.