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Taking Tik Tok and Ease Cloud Music as An Example to Discover Different Requirements of the Three Stages of User Retention

Taking Tik Tok and Ease Cloud Music as An Example to Discover Different Requirements of the Three Stages of User Retention

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In general, the employee will leave the job within one month and leave the company for half a year. The reasons for the departure will be different for two years or more.
A month out, usually can’t adapt to the job or related to the work itself.
The situation of half a year, general and direct superior concerned.
More than 2 years left, basically belong to the recognition company, but the development is limited
In fact, the retention of the product is similar to that of the employee, and the reasons for the short-term retention, interim retention and long-term retention are very different.

You Still Don’t Know Cohort Analysis?

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A pretty average number is created with the data of virtual scene, will give our decision making misleading, so we need to acquire an effective method to analyze the real user behavior and user value, this method is a Cohort Analysis (Cohort Analysis).In fact, the data does not lie, but the analysis of the data is not accurate analysis and leads to the incorrect interpretation of the data.
At the same time, there are relatively few studies related to the group analysis in China. Perhaps not all operations know about the group analysis in the same period, but it is a necessary analysis method for every product operation.In the famous “lean data analysis”, the soul of test data analysis also mentions the relevant content of group analysis in the same period.
In the same period, group analysis was first used in the field of medical research to observe how the behavior of different subjects varied with time.By monitoring different groups of subjects, medical researchers can observe the effects of different prescriptions and treatments on the subjects and determine the Shared behavioral patterns.

Why Can’t You Help Clicking It?

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According to the statistics, 79 percent of smartphone users will check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.A 2011 study by a university found that the average person watches 34 times a day.However, recent figures from the industry have been much higher – almost 150 times.We have to admit, we’re addicted.Faced with this high-tech product, we’re not addicted to it, and we’re at least obsessive-compulsive.We can’t wait to see WeChat, weibo, access to mobile phone taobao, jingdong, was just going to have a crush on for a few minutes, an hour to find their own fingers slide is still on the phone screen page.This desire may be with us all day, but it is seldom perceived.

Ambari Installation and Custom Service Initial Implementation

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Ambari installation

1 Ambari profile

Apache Ambari project by developing software is the purpose of the hadoop cluster configuration, monitoring and management, in order to make the management more simple hadoop.Ambari also provides a RESTful interface implementation based on itself of intuitive, easy-to-use web management interface.
Ambari allows system administrators to the following:
1. Provide installation management hadoop cluster;
2. Monitor a hadoop cluster;
3. The extension ambari custom service management functions.

The 5W Rule for Perfect Push Messages

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APP operators know the importance of push messages to improve user engagement.The good news is that the user engagement will improve significantly, and the number of users will be greatly reduced.
How do we get the push messages to the desired effect?APP operators must pay close attention to the behavior of users, have a clear preference for users’ interests, and push the content of interest to different groups of users at the right time.The perfect push messages are valuable to the user, which can help the product to improve the user experience and increase the user’s liking.
Who: Object
What: Content
When: Time
Where: Situation
Why: Reason

The Implementation of Cobub’s Codeless Capture Technology

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With the advent of the era of big data, data mining has become more and more important.Front end point buried as a more mature data access method is widely used.Currently buried point is divided into two ways, and will come with no points.Sets a buried point is easy to understand, is called the SDK API, in the code inserts buried point related code, user behavior acquisition.Because we are in development projects, buried point are manually, every business needs change to buried point everywhere, and no burial code, which does not need to be manually inserted into the code, just prior to related configuration, the SDK automatically collect user behavior, avoided because of the change of demand, and buried the great degree error causes such as to bury some heavy and complicated work.This paper mainly introduces the technical implementation of codeless capture technology.