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Cobub Razor v0.5 released

Cobub Razor v0.5 released

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Hi, everybody! Long time no see!

Cobub Razor v0.5 is released!

User authorization in v0.5 has been improved. Administrator can set the access rights of each application for users.

In order to support flexible statistics, v0.5 adds the UserID as the identifier of device users. Developers can decide to assign the social account or telephone number  as the user identifier to it. And this value will be uploaded and stored in the server for some user-defined scalability.

OpenAPI is also a new feature in the Cobub Razor v0.5. The OpenAPI can be used by any types of application, such as desktop, mobile application.

New version hint of Cobub Razor is also added in this version. User can get all later version updated notification on the Cobub Razor website.

Please goto Release Notes for the detailed information about v0.5.

Thanks for all of Cobub Razor fans.

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