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Cobub Razor v0.7.2 release

Cobub Razor v0.7.2 release

8 years ago 13 0 6926

New version finally arrived though came late . Sorry for waiting a long time, my friends!

This new release version makes a little upgrade to enhance the stability of the product, and we focus on solving frequently appeared problems.

Functional changes are including:

  • Add the PHP curl and mbstring package detection in the installation process;
  • Remove time zone settings in the installation process, which is replaced by PHP system time zone settings;
  • Add a free IP address resolver named for Chinese users (Github user 17mon had pull request);
  • Improving the function of the user permission management;
  • To adapt to the new version of PHP requirements,PHP is drivered by mysqli instead of the previous mysql;
  • The numbers of Active user of region statistics, device types, OS statistics, resolution statistics, carriers statistics and network statistics reports are replaced by user sessions. And Top10 shows are changed from piechart to bar chart.
  • Stability of other function is improved.

In addition to upgrade functionalities, this version also improve the quality:

  • Upgrading Codeigniter from version 2.1.0 to 2.2.3, and repairing related bugs of the previous framework;
  • Android and iOS SDK codes are made a big changes, which will make the SDK runs more stable;
  • PHP code of Web server-side also uses the PEAR coding standard code style, and adds the code comments;
  • In order to improve the code quality, integrated the phpunit unit tests, and adds detailed test cases to the web interfaces;
  • Add indexes for some tables to improve the performance of the query.

The support from the open source community is a great driving force for the progress of our products, we really appreciate your long time support and attention and thanks for the problems you raised in the Github and Cobub QA. At the same time, thanks to rockiee281, kansifang and 17mon from the Github community, thanks for their Pull Request. We have to say that the attention and support from the community lead to the continuous improvement of Cobub Razor.

Users may not be fully satisfied with the change of this version after a long time waiting. Believe us, this is the horn that we will set sail again. There’s a wider area needs us to explore and farther road needs us to go, we’ll keep going on this road. We believe that Cobub Razor will be better and better with the supports of all the people who focus on us in the open source world.

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