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Cobub Razor v0.8.0 release

Cobub Razor v0.8.0 release

7 years ago 4 7221


Cobub Razor open source edition upgrade today! In the new version 0.8, SDK andupgraded to accommodate new ways of data reporting, come and see the new version of the feature.


  • Added error not set time zone functionality, you can solve most users encounter no problems results show after the scheduled tasks;
  • Upgrading the SDK, and substantially adjusted the client data reporting format, each data type supports single or multiple records at the same time upload. Adjusted data format will be consistent with the current format of Cobub products, userswith business growth, Cobub from the open source version can easily be upgraded to a commercial version or data;
  • Cancelled a separate cached data upload interface, streaming data to the functionality of each interface;
  • Adjust background data interface format to suit the changing SDK reporting data,and adjust the corresponding table structure;
  • Page access data added fuzzy query and export functions;
  • Event data increases the fuzzy search and export capabilities;
  • Channel reports increased the export function of the page;
  • IOS upload crash log, contains information such as CPU type, easy to locate the error code;


In addition to the function of continuous improvement, some bug fixed version before, and to enhance the security of related interfaces.

The updated content, most of the features from the community demand and directfeedback to users on the front lines, problems encountered by users in the courseof using our assessment will be processed accordingly, consistent with the main direction of demand, we shall be reflected version of each iteration. Welcome friends from the community, positive feedback related issues encountered during use, as well as for their valuable comments and suggestions.


For upgrades please wait for the successor of the original solution.




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