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Cobub Razor version selection guide

Cobub Razor version selection guide

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Cobub Razor is a mobile Internet user behavior analysis of professional-gradeproducts. Born out of Chinese people to control their own open source products,Cobub Razor since its birth in 2012 has been in service for more than 6,000 companies worldwide customer support in Chinese, Japanese, English, German and other languages, supports all major operating systems, today Cobub have developed multiple versions in many versions, is there any difference between them? Which version is more suitable for their own use? This is the new Cobub by the manyusers of tangle. In view of this small series was finishing, bring you details of yourCobub Razor version options Guide. I hope to better Cobub Razorrelated products and services help.

Cobub Series

The Cobub products include:

  • Cobub Razor,APP analysis of user behavior and WEB products
  • Cobub user portrait system, according to user‘s label products
  • Cobub ad monitoring system for Internet product monitoring products

The system are as follows:


Cobub Razor Version

Cobub Razor as the basis for data collection and analysis system, meet the needsof different customers have developed 4 versions, as follows:

  • Cobub Razor Open Source Edition

Cobub Razor open source Edition is intended for all App development teams andindividuals, you can privatize deployment systems and their application needs customdesigned data statistics programme. PHP+MySQL, GPL license, applies to the initial user smaller and privatizing data needs of businesses or individuals. Typicalcustomers are Chinese car, air com, live, watermelonbanking and so on.

  • Cobub Razor Business Edition

Compared to the open source version of Cobub Razor commercial operations greater power and storage capacity! Based on PHP+MySQL, a commercial license, suitable for growth product or medium users mature team. Typical customers of China UnionPay, China Telecom, praised finance.

  • Cobub Razor Big data

Based on Hadoop, a commercial license, suitable for large scale development faster APP or APP users support customization. Apply to data security considerations for large enterprises. Typical customers are China Minsheng Bank, Bank of Jiangsu.

  • Cobub Cloud Cloud Edition
Cloud services based on data, advantage has added user tag portrait function modules and services provided free of charge to developers, applies because the cost pressures or other reasons, don’t want to set up the server‘s clients.


The following tables provide details of the differences between the various versions feature, service.
ModuleList of featuresCobub Cloud and Big DataBusiness EditionOpen Source
System management functions
Application managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Channel managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Applications managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Statistical profile
Boot timesSupportedSupportedSupported
Number of daily active usersSupportedSupportedSupported
Number of new usersSupportedSupportedSupported
Upgrading usersSupportedSupportedSupported
Average duration of useSupportedSupportedSupported
Today startsSupportedSupportedSupported
Cumulative number of usersSupportedSupportedSupported
Number of active usersSupportedSupportedSupported
Monthly active users
Channels of distributionSupportedSupportedSupported
Version distributionSupportedSupportedSupported
User statistics
Frequency of useSupportedSupportedSupported
Duration timeSupportedSupportedSupported
Sub period trend chartSupportedSupportedSupported
Page access pathSupportedSupportedSupported
Page access timesSupportedSupportedSupported
Page dwell timeSupportedSupportedSupported
Page jump out rateSupportedSupportedSupported
Region analysis listSupportedSupportedSupported
Geographic analysis mapSupported
User retentionSupportedSupportedSupported
User behavior data querySupported
Daily tradingSupported
Analysis of user loginSupported
Analysis of user transactionSupported
User behavior Track ViewSupported
User continuous frequency distributionSupported
Terminal and network
Equipment modelSupportedSupportedSupported
Operating systemSupportedSupportedSupported
Resolving powerSupportedSupportedSupported
Networking modeSupportedSupportedSupported
Application installed capacitySupported
Events and transformation
Event number trend chartSupportedSupportedSupported
Event user number trend chartSupported
Conversion rateSupportedSupportedSupported
Event flow graphSupported
Event packet viewSupported
User Portrait System
User TagsSupported
User querySupported
Error analysis
Error trendSupportedSupportedSupported
Error listSupportedSupportedSupported
Equipment distributionSupportedSupportedSupported
Version distributionSupportedSupportedSupported
Operating system distributionSupportedSupportedSupported
Application Comparison
Summary index comparisonSupportedSupported
User comparisonSupportedSupported
Comparison of terminals and networksSupportedSupported
Event and conversion ratioSupportedSupported
Error contrastSupportedSupported
Application configuration
Transmission strategySupportedSupportedSupported
Application channel managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Event managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Event group managementSupported
Intelligent reminderSupportedSupportedSupported
Conversion rate managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Label managementSupportedSupportedSupported
Custom parametersSupported
Data volume support
Support daily active user levelNo upper limit500 thousand10 thousand
Support concurrent numberNo upper limit400-500About 100
Support platform
CostFreeBusiness licenseFree
Deployment modeSaaS/Privatization deploymentPrivatization deploymentPrivatization deployment
Technical supportBusiness supportBusiness supportCommunity support
After-sale serviceYesYesNo
Custom development servicesPaid offerPaid offerPaid offer

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