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The Perfect Couple: Data Analytics and Marketing

The Perfect Couple: Data Analytics and Marketing

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There has never been a better time to be in the field of marketing. Today’s marketing professionals have a lot of tools at their fingertips to create more compelling, effective campaigns and strategies. One such tool is data analytics.

The term “data analytics” refers to examining raw data to draw conclusions about that information. It’s a godsend to marketers, especially when it’s used correctly. We are going to learn about how you can use data analytics to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

The Benefits of Data Analytics in Marketing

Why use data analytics in marketing? This tool offers a number of benefits to marketers.

Let’s say you’re launching an email campaign. How do you know how many people on your mailing list have opened the email? Between email campaigns, some of those people might have decided they no longer want to do business with you – how will you track those who choose to unsubscribe? Data analytics powers email marketing platforms to provide the answers to those questions.

Data analytics also help marketers make better decisions. Do you know which method of advertising has the highest ROI? With marketing analytics, you do. You might learn that pouring money into PPC ads isn’t generating the return on investment you hoped it would. However, maybe email campaigns are much more successful than you realized.

How Can You Use Data Analytics Successfully in Marketing?

While data analytics can improve the success of marketing campaigns, but only if you follow some best practices.

For a start, you should set clear goals. There’s a lot of data out there. You can’t analyze all of it, nor should you. Decide what you want to accomplish (reaching out to inactive customers, boosting customer engagement, determining sales-to-closings ratios, etc.) and find the appropriate data.

Another best practice is keeping your data “clean”. Sometimes, information can contain errors. If two digits in a phone number are transposed, you won’t reach the right person. Ensuring your data is error-free will improve your analytics.

Finally, use the right tools for the job. There are many data analytics solutions on the market, like Cobub Razor which can help you collect user behavior data and provide visual reports (as shown below), though some are better than others. Many marketers find Cobub Razor very useful. Ultimately, your organization needs to find the data analytics tool that’s right for its needs and that will produce the best possible results.


Want to Know More about Data Analytics and Marketing?

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