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How to Acquire New Users with Lower Costs?

How to Acquire New Users with Lower Costs?

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Emerging industries, like sharing a bike or like payment of the ancient and the industry, the new is always going on, new, retained, active, transformation, erosion, activation is operation of the whole process, such as new is the first step, the new do bad, the product is lack of the soul, the soul is the user and no user, to fine the perfect products are meaningless.New is so important, as a new era of qualified operation, how should we pull new users?

As a Product Manager, Do You Really Know about Data Analysis?

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Every product manager knows that data analysis is important, but can you give a clear answer to both of these questions?
1. What is data analysis?
2. Why is data analysis so important?
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the answer, because this article is about to answer it from the following aspects:
1. What is data analysis?
2. Relevant concepts of data analysis
3. How to conduct data analysis?
4. How to measure and collect data?
5. How to do data analysis report?
6. The relationship between data analysis and products

How to Improve APP Retention Rate?

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The sole purpose of business is to create and retain customers

Our APP marketers are always better at getting more and more people to use our products and become our users. But how do you keep them when you have them? It may not be hard for a new app to attract hundreds of millions of users. But it’s never easy to keep these users and increase the number of users to 100 million.
Although users retention needs us to spend a long time to complete the work, we can still take some measures to improve it in the short term and can improve user activity, such as some marketing activities or according to the user’s usage of history to their push precise related news. This is a good way to interact with the users to let them participate, users can be obtained from these activities and news to get more valuable things. Therefore, the app retention rate will be increased.

4 Effective Strategies to Improve the Engagement of APP Users

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The definition of user engagement varies from product to product

For example, for a bookkeeping app, an effective user should be logged in every day to add his new income or spending. For an operator’s app, an effective user may be logging in once a month, charging a fee, or ordering additional traffic packets. Therefore, user engagement has no uniform quantifiable definition standard, but it is possible to form the standard of vertical industry. For Banks, for example, start times the average of 1.7 times the user is a reasonable value (the value come from Cobub’s long-term observations, Cobub is a domestic open source mobile application of statistical analysis tools).
Engagement is not like page views (PV), visitors (UV), users pay or conversion rate these indicators as easy to measure, not a data statistical analysis tools to directly reflect product user engagement. However, ignoring user engagement is very dangerous.

The banking industry predicts and prevents the churn of users by big data

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“50% of users worldwide have been replaced or are preparing to replace the banks they use, and in the US and Canada, the percentage of consumers changing their banks is on the rise.”  ——Global Consumer Banking Survey 2012, Ernst & Young.

The Perfect Couple: Data Analytics and Marketing

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There has never been a better time to be in the field of marketing. Today’s marketing professionals have a lot of tools at their fingertips to create more compelling, effective campaigns and strategies. One such tool is data analytics.

How to carry out the data operation?

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Many people may feel that the use of statistical tools to monitor their own user behavior data, and thus the fine operation is a very complex thing. It is easier to operate than to imagine. You only need to put the data to the same place, and then follow the steps to do, you can achieve data operation.

How to use good news to push this double-edged sword?

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As the product of operators, we all know that the ultimate goal is to establish a long-term operation of the value of the relationship between users and to. The perfect user interface, powerful function and clear value proposition, is a powerful guarantee for access to user. But this does not mean that users in need can use the functions they need to, does not mean that the user will often use your application rather than you actually products. At this time, we need to we have according to the means of market operations.

How to use the data to enhance the user experience, improve the conversion rate?

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We usually focus on how many people downloaded the app after registered, this is registration conversion rate, in proportion to the number of registered users to become a VIP member; many people, in view of the app of a product, click the purchase button. There and in proportion to the number of users finally successfully purchased, there there are on application and business critical conversion rate.

How to use the data to capture your target user?

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App Marketing people are usually more concerned about a problem: what kind of method to re access the lost users? Today we talk about what the key to the guiding strategy, how to correctly use the data to seize your target user?