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How to carry out the data operation?

How to carry out the data operation?

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Many people may feel that the use of statistical tools to monitor their own user behavior data, and thus the fine operation is a very complex thing. It is easier to operate than to imagine. You only need to put the data to the same place, and then follow the steps to do, you can achieve data operation.

We do need data operations, some of the historical data can be monitored so that we can clearly predict the results, a clear data upgrade or drop can be used to test the effect of each activity. If there is no meaningful results show that there is no positive effect to enhance the business sector how to judge whether to continue to invest in the original activity? Next, we take a look at how to carry out the data operation, here we give 4 suggestions for reference:

1.Start with your own data

Some data analysts, at the beginning of the time will be concerned about some of the external data, for example, some of the published social statistics, or industry survey data, etc.. I don’t think the practice is too big. Only when you build your own data system, you can use other data, so that it can play a value. For you, the most accurate and most valuable data is its own data, including site data, app data, these data is the most detailed, but also very important for your business.

2.According to the business definition of some conversion rate

Can use some of the existing statistical analysis tools to build their own data analysis platform. Then according to their own business, for example, a hope that users have what kind of behavior, to develop some user conversion rate. This is business objectives, but also guide the decision the key. For example, you may want to see a marketing campaign produced much buy conversion rate, defined from users to browse to the user in the purchase of rate, and at the beginning of the set to track this a series of events, and then tracking to the corresponding data, tracking the effect of marketing data. Even if your business is not online sales, there are a number of expected conversion rate, such as user registration, user upgrades, etc.. At the beginning, at least one conversion rate was set.

3.Allow your partner to use your analysis platform

Open your data analysis platform for all relevant personnel, including those organizers etc.. If you have a number of internal politics, making the Department’s colleagues do not want to share data, you need to break this rule, and let everyone become a team. Without data, every link of the work can not be effectively carried out.

4.Every month the effective report given executable suggestions

When you build up a platform, combined with the business developed a series of key indicators, and keep track of them on a regular basis to them and derive insights and suggestions for next, report to the stakeholders. Remember, there is no need to report all the data, and focus on those indicators that really make sense. The general monthly report is the proper rhythm, do not recommend daily and weekly, because the time is too short, but often consume too much energy.

So, from now on to build your data platform, open the data operation of the trip it!

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