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How to use the data to enhance the user experience, improve the conversion rate?

How to use the data to enhance the user experience, improve the conversion rate?

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We usually focus on how many people downloaded the app after registered, this is registration conversion rate, in proportion to the number of registered users to become a VIP member; many people, in view of the app of a product, click the purchase button. There and in proportion to the number of users finally successfully purchased, there there are on application and business critical conversion rate.

Conversion refers to in certain events reached number the desired behavior is accounted for the ratio of inlet total number, basically all the app has certain core functions, and core functions of the frequency of use or the number of people using largely determines the success in one app. Now in the promotion cost increasing conditions, improve the conversion rate of the core function is particularly valuable.


Before understanding how to improve the conversion rate, we must first understand the funnel model, in a App, the realization of each function is a user along a path of behavior, such as the following registration process:

Problem finding:

Through the statistical monitoring of user behavior data found the problem: in the registration process, the user from the fill personal information to improve personal information between the conversion rate is very low, there is a big gap compared with other steps, a large number of users did not complete the registration directly leave.

List of impact factors:

1、Page interference elements too much, there are a number of other key navigation page registered on the page, distracting;

2、The registration process is too complex, in the complete part of the information found to improve personal information, user profiles for the registration process is not clear;

3、There is no input prompt and validation, users often submit information to find the information input error, the user experience is relatively poor.

Through data validation:

Through the pages of all the events for the embedded code found that the registration page of the other pages of the navigation button to click on the page number of the total number of events 60%. And in the improvement of personal information of the page out rate is significantly greater than the other page out rate, and to remind the information into the wrong number of pages accounted for more than 50%.

To optimize:

1、The registration process optimization page, unnecessary other keys all removed, to improve the user’s guide;

2、The optimization process, will improve the personal information to the previous step, and some non essential information to be simplified, increase the user registration process tips, such as Taobao registration process:

3、Increasing the input information, when the user input is not standardized or wrong information, the user information is not correct. To effectively guide the user to enhance the user experience.


Verification result:

Registered process conversion rate has been significantly improved, the overall conversion rate compared to 3 times before the upgrade.

Of course, conversion optimization is not a linear process, but a cyclic process and optimizing one-time factors should not be too much, but to accelerate the rate of test and verify, to avoid the optimization and unable to confirm the influencing factors of the practical implications of the results.

Secondly, in the whole iterative process, especially in the problems found in the process of verification and timely access to data, and ensure the accuracy of data collection is very important, how to get the user behavior data quickly is the priority among priorities, the current statistics on the domestic market analysis platform for many, such as friends of the union, to do a lot of the accumulation of ID in the identification, collection, data transmission efficiency; in addition Cobub Razor as the only domestic open-source mobile application platform in the analysis, the analysis of user behavior data, provide advanced features a custom event and funnel analysis, its advocacy of life cycle management scheme, help enterprise mobile innovation sustainability. At present Cobub in the enterprise class, especially in the financial industry has been a good application, UnionPay business, Minsheng Bank, industrial bank and other products have been adopted by Cobub.

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