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How to Acquire New Users with Lower Costs?

How to Acquire New Users with Lower Costs?

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Emerging industries, like sharing a bike or like payment of the ancient and the industry, the new is always going on, new, retained, active, transformation, erosion, activation is operation of the whole process, such as new is the first step, the new do bad, the product is lack of the soul, the soul is the user and no user, to fine the perfect products are meaningless.New is so important, as a new era of qualified operation, how should we pull new users?
Outline of this paper is illustrated below:

A touch, precision up to the user, the exposure is large enough

1. The advertising precision

Part of the listed companies advertising expenses (data source results)
Product is completely no advertising, from the table we can see that even have won 15 international gold prize of 1915 China’s national drink moutai also need large amount of advertising.According to Wind information data organization, according to data of 2014 listed companies in China a total of 65.929 billion yuan worth of advertising promotion cost, even the industry giant AD is also in constant, increase the user’s perception of the brand, we have what reason to expect no money input can be a guest?

Advertising is essential to promote contact means, advertising are accurate enough, blind pursuit of big traffic platform as part of public money to throw distance platform for the small and medium-sized, frequency, cycle, small test results and accuracy and hard.

Here lists online, by the way of the mobile Internet traffic on the channel (incomplete)
Decision must be tested before big advertising, not after drop test, never know one stage which the flow of a platform is the high quality, the most suitable products.The direction of the big, big platform flow and spread, more suitable for search class advertisements;Vertical class platform also to consider the industry each competing goods delivery situation, on a vertical platform and a number of conversion were rare.

In addition to the online and offline advertising, advertising metro bus station, district school board, medium rolling screen, mall office building elevator and window, etc., can be the choice of offline advertising.

Case study:

In this play amount exceeds 2 billion douban 9.1 distracted in white night after fierce, standing and love money into two P2P creative advertising with the plot development, is said to be a price is 1 million, if is to pull a new guest, the advertising is not precise, of course if it is in order to expand the brand influence is understandable.

In contrast, another financial companies advertising (to brand name) :

Advertising objective: power, an online financial low cost access to high quality customers
Advertising background: an online finance is an Internet comprehensive service platform, with excellent and professional service ability, comprehensive strength in numerous financial wealth management services in the best posture.At the same time, as the Internet blossoming in the financial services agency, the rise of consumer finance financial guest cost rising, so how to accurately for the guest, low-cost new is that they desperately needed.
Target: effect of guest oriented, ROI more than the industry average.
Delivery period: March 2017 – June 2017
Financial management target groups: 20-35 years old, bachelor degree and above in group of high quality business people, crowd of finance and economics, finance, young consumers.70% of men, women accounted for 30%
Delivery types: finance, news, web portal, PC;Automobile, IT, education APP side.
On the implementation: through data analysis, they found that the target audience to pay attention to the weather every day, lest delay flights and choose to drive or take a taxi to go out;At the same time, they focus on news of finance and economics dynamic, care about their wealth accumulated depreciation and investment opportunities;Among them, the male money users generally focus on sports, sports news, have a favorite sports star and the team, and are willing to go to the scene to see a ball game.To via “weather”, “sohu news, tencent news”, “sina sports channel” to try, the results showed that the financial news of user intention is very strong, and then to financial news website and APP advertising.
In conclusion, advertising to analysis the behavior of the target user, now almost every Internet user is transparent, find some user behavior and its platform, the correlation of the test, according to the effect of increasing drop ratio, and control the cost of the new guest as possible.

2. Artificial precision touch up to push forward (online and offline)

Don’t really have money for advertising?That can only be human flesh pull customers, of course, AD is rich, artificial way also is very good, can more direct understanding of their products in the market reaction.If precision is a guest, not brand shaping, artificial forward and to push, should let the contact information of target users, rather than the cast the net wide and full.

Parking APP promotion, for example, the famous American traffic information data company Parking INRIX is among the first to launch the software, it is a Parking assistance service phone APP – “INRIX On – Street Parking”, they offline promotion scenarios have a “Street intersection”, “village office Parking lot”, “brand auto repair shops and stores”, while On the road to promote only choose private car, rather than a bus and taxi.As much as possible to the parking lot talking to property on the parking lever to promote cooperation, if not to push in to the parking lot during the rush hours.

To sum up, start doing promotion will be thinking about how to be more rapid, more accurate for the guest.

3. Spontaneous for users to share

In the new users at the same time, don’t forget the old users to the new role.Users can share, spontaneous reward can also be affected by platform to share, means, though different, but the result is the product to share with people around you.

On the users to share this topic, the activity box running clubs a “humble one activity, but it can achieve user viral growth” in a case I feel very fit, quote here, good ideas worth repeated exposure.

Users in the process of using the APP, meet interesting things, will share it.Worship at the bike just to market when using, we have to try.At that time, often in WeChat friends see friends to share your trip, or even a friend sent than the number of travel, riding time circle of friends.The sharing behavior of users spontaneity, in a short period of time for the bike has brought a lot of users.

Users find products is very good, the spontaneous products to share with friends.Product with payment for knowledge is the APP and NuMa APP on the sharing of product design and have such different, inside get APP, you can see the “recommended” [get] to friends this feature, users can according to their own requirements, generate posters, share with their friends, or is a key to directly share to their friends.And NuMa APP without this feature.

Share button in addition to the APP itself, users will also be spontaneous recommended in the chat, said didn’t stick to force others to read, for example, I would recommend “netease snail reading to her,” keep reading every day at least 1 hour, 1 hour later have no you want to read permissions (unless published a book review, if she published a book review, she gradually habit even fell in love with reading it).

Also there will be the UGC in the APP is very good, a picture, a sentence, an article is very touching, users will spontaneously to share.Such as netease cloud music, white space, everyone is the product manager, etc.

In addition to the users to share, spontaneous and induced by interests users to share, such as the product of spell group mode, Meituan hungry? A red envelope, drops Uber bus ticket incentive mode, etc., basically all consumer, financial APP users share incentive mechanism.

4. Different industry flow swap

Traffic exchange platform between cannot have direct conflict of interest, and to have the certain user overlap.In the absence of expense cost, take platform has its own traffic and conform to the standard platform to exchange flow, look for the best personal connection to the head company, with their cooperation, to talk about the flow of other home will have a better chance of cooperation.

Refer to baidu encyclopedia (the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia) explanation for swap “flow”, which has described concepts and technical way of the cooperation of very clear, there is no need to do.
Case study:
Remember qihoo 360 Lou easily share their traffic exchange case, citing “Lou loosely blog” video search products business case: at first I did a lot of preparation work, want to how can to promote the flow of the product.First of all, I some of the traffic data analysis before cooperation.Put some effect is very poor cooperation stopped, only keep two flow effect is done, so I will take a lot of traffic to do swap BD position.

First of all, I would like to collect a lot of traffic exchange cooperation is willing to do the entertainment sites contact, and then a a to talk about, our product has less traffic at the beginning, since less change.But light on BD position, will never be able to transfer flow rate higher.Because access to video search users, mainly come in search of the video, can click cooperation links to sites on the BD position will not too much.

Then I thought of video search the features of this product, visit our web site users will eventually run into some video sharing website, such as “youku” “potato” cool “6” and other sites.Why do I want to go to their flow, should let these sites also to our BD, return to our traffic.

Then I put ALEXA1000 name at the time of video sharing site to talk about it again.At first two private relations and good video sharing site agreed cooperation.

Is better to talk with the back of the case, I’ll tell some video sharing sites, so-and-so video website also cooperation with us, and when a lot of video sharing sites also have do and some entertainment website traffic exchange cooperation.We are video search traffic more targeted in the past, if entertainment website can cooperation, it should be more cooperative with us.

When the video sharing site cooperation policy is you give me 1000 IP, I will return you 2000 IP.The more traffic in cooperation with us, they are more cost-effective.So when ALEXA1000 within the video sharing site nearly eight all have cooperation with us, and several of them were tens of thousands of IP traffic exchange, such as “youku”, “6”, “popcorn”, “mofile” and “mating” is the main partner.

Was the same kind of video search site also has several, such as “love asked video search” “yahoo video search” video “baidu search” because they haven’t asked the video website return flow, so I went to talk to the video website traffic exchange cooperation, has the certain difficulty.So I through the video search products features, give A video website over flow guide to video website, B B video website traffic guide to C video website.Cooperation with video sharing site, traffic.Flow rate of the exported to BD position also more and more, I also with some entertainment website also increased the swap.

Do remember the highest peak, one day there are hundreds of WPV, than when I took over turned over several times.And it is supported by no company resources to do, let me feel a sense of accomplishment at that time.On qihoo video search do promotion experience, has also been think is the most happy in my career for a period of time.

5. The media exposure

Tencent business friend once said:

“Many start-ups have no resources, voice is too weak.Sometimes, clearly project is good, but the spread of the articles are not attractive, not suitable for platform to report.”

I usually read product report more platform is a “dark horse”, “the tiger sniffing net” and “36 kr,” they reported each time all is around the story of the founders, thought to packaging feelings;By analyzing the good parts of the product or service differentiation, the sweet high standards of service, complementary advantages, founder of the team (in the industry has a strong professional ability, have a sharp insight to market) to expand coverage, etc.

Most of the time of media resources and it is not how much you pay, media platform also need high quality content material.They want those ideas, attitudes, dry entrepreneurs, they would express themselves about the industry, about the market, on the understanding of the user.So, good PR, first not ask what resources, but how do you think of PR, how to understand the people who help you do the PR.Otherwise, give you more resources, with no eggs.

6. Channel operation management

Because I am in the financial industry, the Internet, so it is understand that the assets of the financial sector is control in the hands of the mediation, financial platform in addition to the proprietary assets, but also cooperate with the mediation, thereby gaining assets, in this process, the platform can’t contact with real borrowers, contact only the mediation, industry present situation is so so, so, multi-channel operation management is quite important.

The so-called channel is provide business support for product transport users, partners.Financial platform to acquire assets (borrowers) and (investors) to get the funds, assets and intermediary cooperation in a wide range of industries, is to have them to provide various financial platform risk control into a standard customer;Also from the platform for various flow of funds, have long-term cooperation.

Constantly on a regular basis to analyze channel resources into effect, and to practical communication channels, defective rate is high to and channels of cooperation, in a timely manner to inform or to terminate its channels to prevent cash or brush single risk.

To attract users attention

1. The precise touch is the basis of the resonance caused demand

We always think about how to make the article more propagation force, how to give more people play the video H5 push, so large quantities of a variety of channels, but the effect may not be good, serious money spent, the effect not beautiful, so a lot of under pressure.Back to reflect on, we did not push the high quality content to the right people, with net fishing in the sea than to take a small mesh plug small fish touch xikou.

2. The impact of the visual or graphic feel

(1) the differentiation
Comparison of different things or to emphasize different aspects of the same things, and comparing, in order to produce a strong contrast.Contrast can be intuitive image, such as color, shape, texture, quantity, area, the direction of contrast;Can also be internal, such as properties, function, emotional appeal, connotation, characteristics, etc.Contrast to the elements, or produce the fierce conflict, or complement each other to be in harmony are an organic whole, constitute a strong difference teaching fruit.Contrast the creative purpose, is to highlight advertising, with a stimulus information affect the audience.

Case study:

(image from “creative design”
High contrast of cosmetic advertising: advertising scenario of graduated in 1969, a group of old man’s homecoming.Among the old woman thought the young woman in red face and figure, like their granddaughter, he showed confidence and a smile with the eyes of the other male students, female students embarrassing expression also contrasts, to fit the youth posture of the success of cosmetic surgery.

Contrast methods of the 2008 Olympic Games in the poster: the first is expression on the contrast, athletes is photography, the crowd is drawing techniques;Followed by color contrast, the athlete is color, is black and white people;Finally, the composition of a picture on the contrast, the athlete with the blank as the background, while the crowd numerous, very compact.The contrast condensed into a huge screen tension, the tension in the Beijing Olympic Games draws near, and ten thousand people shocked the aura of incisively and vividly express in my heart.

(2) zoom in selling point
The following several advertisements do you think of “soil”?

Malatang businesses: “mountain spring hot food, one hour in a pot, malatang also can be so healthy”

Native cafe: “flagship” let you eat to 40 years ago, the taste of chicken”

Organic tea merchants: “other people’s tea drink NongYaoWei, the organic tea to drink only fragrance” in our house

We eat malatang is worried repeat with soup pot, one with even more than a day?Native is missing under the modern feed for aquaculture has not used to the taste of the early?For black tea, poking fun at “bitter” a NongYaoWei?Our pain points is the selling point of merchants, the merchants selling point directly root of publicity, the customer first whether flocculant head, will at least to try.

Case study:

OPPO R11: “before and after 20 million, take pictures more clearly.”
Candy phone F11: “50 million pixels, than the more clear and more clear.”
Oppo direct selling point “more clear”, and enlarge the selling point “clear” candy “than more clear, clear, and specifically on the advertising of the oppo, both the interest, and has a strong selling point into effect, this completely easing the bit in competing goods ads, clothing!

(2) the connotation of the creative
We have seen a lot of creative advertising design, have to say, some slightly the connotation of the exotic advertising instead more impressive.In advertising design industry, creative seems to be spring never dried up, all sorts of funny, surprising, exaggerated, the connotation of creative ads emerge in endlessly.

Case study:

Your hand sanitizer: “one day what are exposed to, finally you do with your hands?Consider very fear.So, you will choose not to recall, or choose Siribuncha instant hand sanitizer?”.

NBA players: “sports need passion, need like animals are aggressive”.

Dry cleaner: “whatever he is lip seal, oil or wine stain, all get rid of all”.

3. Strong direct user demand, and puts forward the solution

Stamp in the user’s pain points is not enough, more simple and direct offer solutions, such both neither are hurting users feelings, and can drive the new product.

Double tenth a JPM medicine in 2016 with its logo and the advantages of the high recognition, deep recognition, advertising, with the attitude of a clever into its poster, can not only improve the visibility, and remarkable success.Pure and fresh style, warm words, let a person feel anything disgust, instead of multiplication.It not only box out of the users in the hand chop and the accident harm may occur in the daily life, also can in time out of their delivery to your door “20 minutes” solutions, is a sweet little quilted jacket.

4. Bold promises, eliminate user finally

Users never know “you” to want to know you, is a big step, she needs to break his heart security defense, this step will often turnover rate is higher.Chasing girls like you, the first meeting about what cinema or sparsely populated mountain, who will trust your own security to you?

We all said taobao fake goods, is the seller, return have to pay the freight, laborious also thankless, give a bad review and even cause the seller harassment, but there are many sellers in efforts to promote trust, use safeguard mechanism to reduce the order cost, make products and logistics cooperation at the same time bold promises, don’t believe you let users to trust their products?The gap between that began with a number of shops.

Light user demand, actively seek products

1. To provide access to, step up to

Careless mistakes never lost jingzhou made, very not easy to use content, advertising, attracted by any way users, but did not provide download the entry of the product, or make entrance can’t see don’t watch carefully, that this is a new, just made a brand publicity.

2. Reduce the user the opportunity cost

A user choose to do and not do an operation is a kind of decision-making behavior.In the perspective of economics, the decision-making behavior of “cost” is the opportunity cost.Users get products behavior brought about by the “experience is good”, “information security”, “will you won’t get involved in traffic”, “whether it takes a lot of time”, “will not work”, etc.Some we can be resolved, some are not solve, we reduce the user’s opportunity cost as much as possible, let the expected return is greater than the opportunity cost, the user access to products of this step loss can be reduced.

3. Participate in steps can decrease, it decreases

Pull the new process, to prevent the user when registered products deserted it, so make the registration procedure can be simple, simple, and even do tourists mode, don’t have to log in to enter the product of a few interface, to limit the function of the most characteristic after registration to use, to reduce turnover registration.

Case study:

WeChat reading is tencent products, have developed a “trial”, because there are a few people have this requirement, is they don’t want what WeChat friends to see their reading a book, or are not willing to take WeChat to land any products other than WeChat APP, maximum efficiency to optimize the attrition rate of the user login interface.Tencent did so in their own product system, we have what reason to let the user must log in?

4. With a hammer “affordable” limit use to conclude business

If the user has not registered, the couple’s exclusive discount and new methods, and if the user has already registered products, has been receiving limited-time discount can give users a sense of urgency of time, an impulse, which occurred some spending or transformation behavior (such as WeChat reading the length of the money to buy books, etc.).

New exclusive activity is almost every product standard, to do the page more impact, such as Vipshop preferential payment pages and pages of the countdown, can produce time sense of urgency, in the case of not fully considered just finished the action.Users also have the feelings of people, impulsive, also easy to change into rational conservative thinking, consider more long more conducive to action of product.
Article source: Everyone is a product manager author: wang liang