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iOS SDK upgraded, supporting iOS 7

iOS SDK upgraded, supporting iOS 7

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Users can upgrade iOS to 7 after September 18,and more than 45% percent user already upgrade to iOS 7 according report from apple. iOS 7 bring users brand new experience,  and also challenge to developers.

Cobub Razor iOS SDK make corresponding changes according to to new policy of Apple iOS 7. New code of SDK changes the method to identify  unique device, as well strengthen the data storage to make sure the data accuracy in most cases.


1. What changes in iOS 7 ?

Apple forbidden developers to get device UDID since June, 2013. And now in iOS 7, developer can not get MAC address, and can not use clipboard between Apps. The purpose of Apple is not to let developer  identify unique device. This let analytics of users becomes more difficult.

2.Changes in Cobub Razor new SDK

Cobub Razor has upgraded the iOS SDK according to the Apple new policy. First, we will get IFDA of app. The IFDA will be considered as the unique ID and saved to KeyChain if IFDA is not empty.

If we can not get IFDA, we will still use OpenUDID as the unique identifier. The OpenUDID will also be saved to KeyChain.

If we can get UDID from keychain, we will consider this UDID in KeyChain as device identifier.

(Notice: The ID will changes when user brush the ios system.)。

3. Upgrade Notice

New SDK need dependency of Security.framweork when use.

You need to change your SDK of iOS ASAP!

Follow this link to get the new SDK please.

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