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Upgrade Your Cobub Razor to version 0.6!

Upgrade Your Cobub Razor to version 0.6!

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As an Open Source Solution of Mobile Analytics, Cobub Razor now is widely used now, and we are so proud that we supporting such a project recognized by so many mobile developers.

Now Cobub Razor is coming with Version 0.6, which with great features.  The main improvements in ver 0.6 are:

  • Provide the TAG tools, which enable App developers to select mobile devices based on tags. This tool has a great & exciting meaning for the future, that will helps a lot on precise marketing for app and study of user behaviors in your App.
  • Provide the plugin framework, which will enable developers to work with the data & reports of Cobub Razor. The work of plugin API is ongoing, and the document will be released soon.
  • Integrated with push service provider iGeTui. User can push notifications base on Tags;
  • Provide the Daily Retention Report with community contributions, with version and channel filters;

Now you could UPGRADE your Cobub Razor with this link.

For more info of version 0.6, please click here.

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