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Python USES Deep Neural Networks to Identify Siamese and British Short.

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Let’s take a couple of pictures and see how the cat is Siam? Which cat is short?
First Siam

Is the Data Analysis Absent in Your Content Operation Strategy?

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What is content operation?

Content operation refers to a series of marketing activities related to content based on product content planning, content creation and editing, content optimization and publishing. For different channels, content operation has new media content operation (such as WeChat’s content operation), content platform operation (for example, the content operation of Jane’s book), etc. According to different business, content operation can be divided into promotion content operation, product content operation, user content operation, etc.

The 5W Rule for Perfect Push Messages

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APP operators know the importance of push messages to improve user engagement.The good news is that the user engagement will improve significantly, and the number of users will be greatly reduced.
How do we get the push messages to the desired effect?APP operators must pay close attention to the behavior of users, have a clear preference for users’ interests, and push the content of interest to different groups of users at the right time.The perfect push messages are valuable to the user, which can help the product to improve the user experience and increase the user’s liking.
Who: Object
What: Content
When: Time
Where: Situation
Why: Reason

How to Acquire New Users with Lower Costs?

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Emerging industries, like sharing a bike or like payment of the ancient and the industry, the new is always going on, new, retained, active, transformation, erosion, activation is operation of the whole process, such as new is the first step, the new do bad, the product is lack of the soul, the soul is the user and no user, to fine the perfect products are meaningless.New is so important, as a new era of qualified operation, how should we pull new users?

(中文) 深入解析jquery实现原理第一章

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JQuery is a very good JavaScript library, which greatly enhances the development experience of the front end js, so I recently looked at the source code of JQuery and wanted to share some of my understanding with you.